Date now confirmed as 23rd January 2022

What is a Paarlauf?

Paarlauf means “pair run”, but is basically a relay which can be done with two people. The relay comprises of one of the team running whilst the others rest, before they get to go again.

Race Format

Athletes enter as teams of TWO. The first runs 1 Mile, then hands over to the other, and so on until the full distance is completed. The teams RACE each other over 26 x 1 Mile, with every runner completing thirteen legs (other distances, number of team members or legs strictly not allowed)

The 385 yards

As the 26th mile is completed, the incoming runner is JOINED by their teammate for a final ‘mini-lap’, marked out in the general Finish area. The distance of this smaller lap is exactly HALF of 385 yards (or 352m) and both members of the team cover this TOGETHER, ensuring correct completion of distance for all. The teams therefore RACE each other over a FULL Marathon, with each member completing an EXACT Half Marathon of running.

Team Composition

It is advisable, but not required,  that team pairs are of approximately equal ability (in order to keep each repetition/rest period of fairly equal duration).

When & Where

South Park, Darlington, DL1 5DT. Race HQ will be near to the cafe within the park. There will be a place to place your baggage near to the start line.


  • 10:00 Race number collection open
  • 10:45 Race briefing
  • 11:00 Race start
  • *The organisers reserve the right to amend the timetable subject to any variables which may impact the event or runners welfare
  • Age Requirements
  • All runners must be 16+ to enter this event
  • You do not need to register on the day just collect your number
  • There are no cut-off times for this event.
  • Supporters are welcome to attend the event and support the athletes.

Timing of the event will be manually recorded as each runner crosses the start finish line.

Race Licence


Course Measurement

1 mile loop has been measured as part of the 10/20mile event we put on each year.

Volunteer To Help?

Events are only successful with the support of it’s volunteers, so all help is welcome! Get in touch using the Contact links at the bottom of this page

Course Map

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High Level View
Sections #1,2 & 3. From the start line you have a 400m straight run to the top gate before taking a left to a small downhill section
Section #4. After running down the bank the path veers left and follows a winding path for around 350m. Take a right here and follow the path around the bandstand
Section #5. As you run around the bandstand (which will be on your left) you will see a small cluster of trees on your right. At this point you run around the trees then head left. This path then takes you towards the river which you follow to your left.
Section #6. Running alongside the riverbank (which is on your right) the path splits into two. At this point you take the left path heading to the top path and heading back to complete 1 lap.
The top path veers left up a slight incline towards the start finish line. At the point you will see a stone statue, run either side of this to the finish.
Finishers to stay left with runners waiting to start to start on the right hand side of the path


Contact Us

Visit the Contact page, or email, to get in touch with any questions about this event